lille friends

Lille friends are kids who live in lille huset houses all over the world. They are girls and boys who love to go on adventures in the towns where they live. They are kids who draw, play and imagine a world that is fun all the time because in their world there are no rules.



Dorothy loves being a good friend, when it is one of her friends birthdays, she always bakes them a special treat. She also loves to go fishing and ride her bike as fast as she can, sometimes with no hands.



Finn loves to dance and sing. He is the best singer in the choir and always gets to do the solos in the end of the year performance. He also loves to study birds and insects, sometimes he finds them in the yard and puts them in a jar in his room.



Jackson loves to build rockets and remote controlled airplanes. His love of math and figuring things out makes him extra special. He loves to lay on the green grass staring at the sky imagining what it would be like to live in space.



Madeline is sweet, nice, and cares a lot about the living things around her. She also has a major sweet tooth and you’ll find her baking some yummy treats on any given day.



Mirabel is quite the fashionista. Her ability to pair colors and accessorize makes her the most fashionable girl in school. She loves to make her own clothes with fabric she finds in scrap bins at the craft store.



Olivia loves to read and write and is always lost in a new book. Her love of reading goes beyond the books and into creating dioramas about the stories she reads.



Rosemary loves technology. You’ll find her in her room working on a new game or web site that she insists on coding herself. When she is not lost in a game, she has a special fascination with bees. She is an avid beekeeper and always has fresh honey for the neighborhood.



Sage is Rosemary’s best friend and next door neighbor. When Rosemary is tending her bees, Sage is tending her vegetable garden. She recently also started cooking new meals each week for her family that use the fresh veggies from her garden.



Simon is not only artistic he is also amazingly funny. He loves to make people laugh and is always lost in a good joke. He is also best friends with Olivia who writes plays for him to perform. When he’s not performing, he’s building something. He creates elaborate mazes for his pets.



Symone is a total sports kid, she plays all sports and loves them all equally. Not only is she great at sports, she is also a great friend. She is the type of kid who would lose a game just so everyone has a chance to play.