How my dollhouses came to be…

It was through the process of renovating our home in Chicago that I had the idea for lille huset. I wanted to empower our kids to understand what it was like to have a house of your own that needed love and care, that my business was born. I created the first lille huset dollhouse for my daughter for her 8th birthday modeled after our house and she loved making it her very own. After many years and many prototypes, I had created collections, gained fans and distributed the houses all over the USA and across the globe.

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It all started with an inspired drawing

IMG_0513 (1).jpg

…and with time and tinkering, grew into a world that kids everywhere can build, decorate and love.


Lille huset is about home, a little house in a little neighborhood in a big city.


Lille huset is a special place where kids can create a world that is all their own.